Enjoy Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra live and on demand

Poseidon, Bostadsbolaget, Familjebostäder and Gårdstensbostäder, all part of the Framtiden group, offer you classical concerts with the Gothenburg Symphony. A few hours before the live concerts start there will be a live window with a countdown. This window is visible only the day when there is a live show. Use the password framtiden to open the Live broadcast.

You can follow concerts from following devices:
– The computer via the Framtiden own digital concert hall (
– Through the Framtidens own version of the Gothenburg Symphony app that you are a tenant can download from the Appstore and Google Play.
The app is called GSOPLAY. Register and enter the premium key: the future
– In TV by connecting a cable between the computer and the television or the telephone / plate via AirPlay or similar devices.

In the Framtiden digital concert hall there is interviews, reports and the latest concert recordings with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

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