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One Last Bar, Then Joe Can Sing

Gavin Bryars (b 1943) is one of minimalism’s leading figures in England, but his musical curiosity also extends to jazz, improvisation and exploratory music.

In One Last Bar, Then Joe Can Sing for percussion, the original melody is exquisitely simple, but it grows in a dazzling spectrum of sounds from an extensive collection of percussion instruments, among them songbells that are played with a bow and spread sensuous tones. His humor is ambiguous: “bar” refers both to “measure” and “bar” – where guests often quench their thirst.


Gavin Bryars One Last Bar, Then Joe Can Sing


Fredrik Björlin percussionists

Roger Carlsson percussionist

Jerker Johansson percussionist

Angelina Mangs percussionist

Martin Ödlund percussionist

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