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Mozart Eine kleine Nachtmusik

Crystal clear and brilliant Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Is there a more well-formed and well-polished gem than Eine kleine Nachtmusik – so appealing, so perfect? Nachtmusik is German for “serenade”, and when Mozart wrote this piece he had already composed twelve serenades. Compared to the previous ones, it really makes reason for its name – a little serenade. A miniature, a simple, classically clean and easily accessible bagatelle, as far as the scope is concerned. The previous serenades could be 45 minutes long. A serenade is intended to be played outdoors, but something like this does not work at all with Eine kleine Nachtmusik with its lovely and intimate string music.

Why Mozart wrote this lovely entertainment music we do not know. It seems, he wrote the music of his own interest and not as a commissioned work. During the history, it has been discussed why the mature master of the music capital Vienna interrupted the demanding work of orchestrating the opera Don Giovanni in favor of this deliciousness. Was it the contrast he needed? Was it the inspiration that took his attention?the twenty-fourth piano concerto, whirling between trembling despair and melancholy hope, and, to top it all off, the confident and aristocratic Linz Symphony.

Mozart expert Christian Zacharias gives new life to the music, and makes it ring out as though the ink had only just dried on the paper.


Mozart Eine kleine Nachtmusik


Gothenburg Symphony
Christian Zacharias conductor
Recorded for GSOplay 14 November 2018

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