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Kosmische Musik

Electronica in symphonic shapes starting from the 1970s when Kraftwerk changed the world with its innovative music. In this orchestra flow there are also room for the electronic music’s forefront of the 1950s and the industrial rock that got the 1980s exploded. Special guest: neo-psychedelic Gothenburg band Fontän.

Kosmische Musik is a unique musical universe where suggestive rhythms and fascinating sound convey the listeners in an orchestra flow that expands in time and space. The musical journey takes us to hypnotic soundscapes and brutal urban environments. The original synthetic orchestra sounds has been transformed into the orchestra’s entire natural spectrum, interlaced with the gothenburg band Fontän’s distinctive electronic sound world.

The conductor and arranger, Hans Ek has chosen music for which he feels extremely strong for. In addition to Kraftwerk, there are music of Tangerine Dream, Einstürzende Neubauten, Rammstein, Can, NEU!, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Popol Vuh and more as well as newly written music.


Gothenburg Symphony
Hans Ek conductor
Gothenburg Symphony Vocal Ensemble

Recorded for GSOplay 27 October 2018

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